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McGraw-Hill Education delivers personalized learning experiences that help students, parents, and educators at all levels drive results by weaving together an understanding of the science of learning with a unique combination of high-quality content and personalized technology that’s been proven effective.


Developing a new curriculum is no small task. Even when you’ve been in the business for more than a century and have created innumerable award-winning programs in the past, the planning and execution of a dynamic new instructional program requires the talents of many dozens of people. Even in the largest of companies, there are areas that are best supported by outside subject matter experts. McGraw-Hill knows that cartography is one of those areas.


McGraw-Hill teamed with to ‘map out’ the development of maps that would be used both in the print and online editions of their Networks™ program. Leveraging our flexible capacity and resources to increase throughput of maps to meet the publishing schedules, our team was able to efficiently and accurately produce a massive amount of maps in a very short amount of time.

Result designed and created over 1000 static maps for the printed editions and over 600 individual interactive maps for Networks™, which has become a hugely successful program for McGraw-Hill. The team continues to support the program with ongoing maintenance and content development.

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