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Esri is a leader in the world of Geographic Information Systems, pioneering mapping technologies that enable greater analysis and insight into the world around us. Their ArcGIS Online service is used by organizations large and small, from government agencies to engineering firms, environmental consultants, and engineers to build, analyze and display data and make decisions to better our lives. Esri has also made a major commitment to the education of our youth, to prepare them for work and civic life, and to ingrain them with a love of the world around them.


Esri made a huge commitment to the President’s ConnectEd initiative by committing a free license to ArcGIS Online to every public school in the country. However, without context and guidance, teachers would find it a challenge to fit this great tool into their daily activity. Esri needed to make it simple and easy for teachers to integrate this great new tool into their classroom. They needed context.


Esri teamed with Maps.com (an Esri Silver Partner), utilizing our expertise in the development of maps and applications for classroom use to build maps and map layers that bring lesson plans to life. Maps.com’s team of cartographers, editors, and GIS programmers researched, juried, compiled, and assembled the data necessary to create maps that supported not only the architecture of the platform, but the instructional requirements of the lessons.


The Esri GeoInquiries program successfully launched in 2015 and continues the development of new modules, expanding into new disciplines, and giving more teachers access and tools to empower the next generation of learners. The maps developed for GeoInquiries are also forming the foundation of the Education section of the Esri Living Atlas of the World and will be featured in other new educational product development by Maps.com.

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