USA Map Jigsaw Puzzle

Get Adobe Flash player is introducing an exciting new way to learn your state geography. It’s called the Jigsaw game and learning where all fifty states are has never been easier or more fun. This interactive game allows you to personally place each state where you think it should go.

One of the things every American should know is what state they live in and where that state is on the map. Now with the Jigsaw game, you can find your state and discover where all of the rest fit in, too. Learning has never been so much fun! When playing the Jigsaw game, it won’t even feel like learning at all. And you will be amazed at how you learn and what you remember about every area of the United States.

How to Play the Jigsaw Game

The Jigsaw game is simple to play. All you do is decide whether you need borders on your map or no borders. Just click the Borders button on the upper right for that. Then hover over each state to see its name. Some states should be familiar to you, like Florida, for instance. Then left-click on your mouse and drag each state that you choose onto the map into its correct position.

As you go, the Jigsaw game will keep score for you. If you’re not sure where to place a state, drag it back to its place on the side or bottom until you can find the appropriate place for it.

The Jigsaw game is perfect for young children who are learning their states. Nothing could be more fun than to place the states onto the map by themselves. Then, when they are finished, they’ll want to do it all over again. That’s the way to learn your states! Try the Jigsaw game, and take learning about geography to a whole new level.