Latin America Quiz Game

When someone mentions Latin America do you know what part of the world they are referring to? Can you identify the countries in Latin America, or is it just a confusing jumble of names and countries? The countries that make up Latin America are those where the languages of Spanish and Portuguese prevail.

Did you know that Latin America stretches from the southern border of the United States to the southern most tip of South America, and includes the beautiful islands of the Caribbean? Latin America includes Mexico, and all of Central and South America. Also included are the island nations of the Caribbean, Cuba, Hispaniola, and Puerto Rico. These countries all have a rich and very diverse culture.

Geography is difficult for some students to grasp. Who wants to look at a map and memorize where a country belongs on it? So often, places like those in Latin America are overlooked, because much of what goes on in the world today takes place in other areas around the globe. However, each country has a fascinating cultural identity. Did you know that Costa Rica has no army? Did you realize that Columbia has the happiest residents of any country in the world? In Honduras, during the monsoon it rains fish (Yoro Fish Rain), and Paraguay has two official languages (Spanish and Guarani).

By using the Latin America quiz map, you’ll be doing more than memorizing countries. They will begin taking on a whole new dimension in your mind when you see these countries as you click on them. You’ll want to learn more about them as you go.

Not sure where Honduras or Peru are on the map? Take the quiz, and you’ll learn quicker than any other way. The fun of it is that you’ll go back again and again to correct your mistakes and see what your new score is. You may even be tempted to want to vacation in these faraway lands. Now, that’s fun geography!