Europe Map Game

Where in the world is Luxembourg?

If you’re studying geography, questions like this come up all the time. The world is filled with many countries on its seven continents. In fact, there are 196 countries recognized in the world today. Do you know them all and where they are located?
Everyone knows about Europe, the continent with many countries and almost as many different languages. From English to French, to Italian, Polish, Hungarian, German and more, Europe has a long and rich history, one which is important and fun to learn about.

How to Play

Learning European geography can be entertaining and educational at the same time. When you click to the quiz page you will see a colorful map of Europe just waiting for you to identify all of the countries that you see there. There’s no time limit so you don’t have to feel rushed to finish. As you scroll over the map with your cursor, the different countries will change colors.
All you have to do is follow the instructions. “Where is Poland?” for instance. You’ll determine from the map of Europe where the country of Poland is located. You may use other references or maps to help you out. Once you have a pretty good idea of where Poland is, then you click on it with your mouse.

If you’re correct, the question box will automatically take you to the next question. If you’re incorrect, the question box will remain on the question of “Where is Poland?” You have numerous chances to decide which country is Poland or you have the option of skipping that question and going on to another.

Everyone Wins

When you’re all done, you’ll receive your score, telling you how many questions you got right. This is a non-competitive and interactive way to learn geography.