GNN Podcast: Polar Vortex Creates Record Chill in U.S.

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Discover the geographical perspective behind the illusive polar vortex and the cause of record cold temperatures that burdened a large portion of the United States during January. Listeners will also find varying opinions on whether the cold snap was caused by global climate change or was merely a part of normal weather patterns. To read the entire article please visit …

GNN Podcast: Because Washington Crossed the Delaware

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President’s Day is the perfect time to honor our first president, George Washington. This podcast explains the route that Washington and his troops took while crossing the Delaware River. Listeners will also discover the pivotal importance that this victory played on the Revolutionary War and American history. To read this entire article and to listen to our entire podcast collection, …

GNN Podcast: Syrian Refugees put a Strain on Resources and on the Goodwill of Their Jordanian Hosts

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Listeners will discover the overflowing Zaatari refugee camp. It is estimated that over 150,000 refugees are living in the camp, which is designed for 60,000 people and 60% of the inhabitants are under the age of 18. With growing number of refugees and the desert landscape, food and water are becoming increasingly scarce. To read this article please visit or …

GNN Podcast: From Arab Spring to Armageddon: The Civil War in Syria

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This podcast explores the use of chemical weapons on innocent people in Syria and the tensions between the Syrian government and the rest of the world. Does the United States and the international community have a moral obligation to intervene?  While the countries of the world debate, the Syrian civilians suffer. Read this article on or listen to the …

GNN Podcast: (Serbo-)Croatian: A Tale of Two Languages

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What language is spoken in Croatia? Croatian is now the 24th official language of the European Union, but there are disagreements about whether it’s a distinct language or just a slightly different dialect of Serbian. Serbian nationalists believe that everyone shares the same language, “Serbian”. But many Croats persist in making their national language as distinct from Serbian as possible. Listeners …

GNN Podcast: Great Barrier Reef in Trouble

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Today’s featured podcast dives into the threats facing the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland, Australia. Listeners will discover why massive sections of this vibrant ecosystem are dying and the efforts to preserve the reef for future generations. Visit Maps101 to read this article and click here to listen to our podcast collection.

Celebrate Teen Read Week with this Salem Witch Trials Podcast!

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Don’t forget, Teen Read Week 2013 is October 13th-19th. It’s an initiative that was created by YALSA (Young AdultLibrary Services Association) to encourage teens to be regular readers and library users. We believe that reading is tremendously important! In honor of Teen Read Week, we want to encourage teens to read, and promote digital literacy. [Read: GNN Podcast: Celebrating Lewis and Clark] …