US Civil War at Maps101

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On this day in 1861 the bombardment of Fort Sumter, near Charleston, North Carolina, began the US Civil War. Maps101 subscribers can see lots of maps, animations and more great videos covering US History and the Civil War like this one –

April 22nd is Earthday

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According to this story from NPR, despite the close of the Space Shuttle program, NASA will receive considerable funding to turn its attentions back to earth. Specifically NASA will see its Earth Science efforts become the focal point of a $2.4 billion investment as the US Government looks to discover more facts about how our planet is shaping up. The …

St. Patricks Day around the globe.

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This superb video from National Geographic explains concisely and clearly the origins – of the Saint, and the celebrations in his honor. Find out how he became Ireland’s patron saint, and why the man is toasted in cities as far apart as Manchester and Moscow.

Women’s History Month on the Map.

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It makes a great starting point for researching great female figures of history from a Geographic point of view. Useful for researching not only the people but the areas and backgrounds they come from or the places they made their names. Each is marked by a pin in the map, color coded to show their field, from Science to Sport, Athletics to Arts.

Maps101 at MEC

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MEC (Microcomputers in Education) will showcase classroom technology between March 15th and 17th. Established for 30 years, this is a great way to meet up with around 1200 educators, administrators and technology coordinators and see the latest from innovative educational vendors. See live demonstrations of Maps101 and find out how we can add 21st Century Learning to every subject and …

Maps101 at CUE

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CUE (Computer Users in Education) will take place this year in Palm Springs, CA from March 4th – March 6th. California’s oldest Educational Conference, it is recommended to those who are looking to see how technology can help to support student achievement. This year’s theme will be ‘Challenge the Present, Design the Future’. As you know, Maps101 is always adding …

Maps101 features Black History Month

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It is the birth month of Abraham Lincoln — champion of emancipation of slaves, and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. February is the month that we pay special attention to significant events in Black History. Maps101 includes a wealth of resources covering African-American History, from the slave trade to the civil rights movement and beyond. View significant places and events on an …

Maps101 at TCEA

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February sees Maps101 return to the Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) show in Austin, Texas. Always a busy show TCEA is where Technology Coordinators, Teachers, Librarians and Administrators from all over the state (and beyond!) go to see the latest in classroom technology.