ISTE 2010: Reflections from Educator Scott Wilson

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Maps101 is visually stunning – with every activity arriving online in amazing high-resolution clarity. But the cartographers, geographers, and teachers who create all of the lessons in Maps101 are just as committed to the content as they are to the presentation, so all of the activities are exciting, relevant, and current.

ISTE 2010 Recap

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Last week brought together many educators from around the world to learn about the latest technology in education at the ISTE 2010 conference in Denver.

Internet Safety for Students

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Maps101 offers schools a way to provide a safe research environment for students from K-12 to collaborate and explore the world. Sadly outside of the classroom many young people expose themselves to great danger through the internet and social media. This video from the UK is a great way to remind your students, friends and relatives of the importance of …

Maps101 at #ISTE

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At the end of June Maps101 will be exhibiting at the ISTE event in Denver, Colorado. This year’s theme is “Exploring Excellence” and it seems incredibly appropriate for this product! Not to be arrogant or complacent – far from it – but with Maps101 we are constantly striving for excellence. Excellence in our content – working with key providers such …

FIFA World Cup is underway.

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A huge global audience as well as almost every member of the local population will watch a month long festival of world soccer that began today at 3pm, local time in Johannesburg, South Africa. South Africa is not a newcomer to world sports – in fact it has hosted a number of significant tournaments including the Rugby, Athletics and Cricket …

Crocs found going surfing…

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The largest living reptile is the saltwater estuarine crocodile, also known as ‘Salties,’ have recently been found ‘surfing’ around the South Pacific Islands. While Crocs are not well known as strong ocean swimmers and typically found lurking in shallows waters, how did these crocs manage to get across the huge expansion of water?  ‘Surfing.’ A group of Scientists, including Steve …

Cheese be coming round the mountain.

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A 200 year old tradition of Cheese Rolling continued this year despite Police concerns that the event was becoming too crowded and too noisy. Competitors chase after a cheese weighing approximately 8lbs which is rolled down a steep (almost vertical) hill. The event takes place in Gloucester (pronounced Glosstur), a county in the south west of England famed for its …