Japan Earthquake locator map

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This map shows all of the earthquakes that have taken place in Japan over recent hours, including their magnitudes. Click on the ‘play’ buttons to see footage submitted by eyewitnesses via Youtube. We have added a special content section to Maps101 where you can access a variety of materials in different formats that can help explain the concept of earthquakes …

Christmas around the globe Pt 2: Finland

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The Christmas traditions of the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Finland) have their roots in old Viking festivities, who would celebrate the winter solstice (December 21st). The Fins also celebrated an ‘end of harvest’ festival in November called Kekri, which was incorporated into the holiday season when Christianity arrived in the 12th Century.

Christmas around the globe pt1: Russia

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With the holiday season fast approaching we look at the different ways that Christmas, a Christian religious holiday, is celebrated in different parts of the world. Christmas in Russia – Christmas was officially banned as a religious feast after the 1917 Revolution. The Russian Christmas is later than the traditional 25th December date, based on  the Russian Orthodox religious calendar which …

Save water in your Jeans

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Did you know that making a single pair of  jeans (yes the blue jeans that you wear to keep your legs warm) on average uses 42L or 11 gallons of water? Manufacturers wash the completed jeans  in huge machines, using dyes and abrasives to achieve different styles of finish and texture, and sometimes going through 10 washing cycles. Levi Strauss, …

Arab nations face major water crisis without changes.

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The Arab world is set for a water crisis within 5 years, according to the Arab Forum for Environment and Development. Rapid increases in population, and poor management of already scarce water could leave nations including Lebanon, Egypt, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iraq, with massive water shortages by 2015. Climate change is expected to exacerbate the situation as rainfall decreases …