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New Species Still Being Discovered

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While many animals are on endangered lists with risk of eventual extinction, other species are newly discovered. One such new discovery is of a very small frog, located in Manipal, India, located in the state of Karnataka.The scientific name of the frog is Microhyla laterite. It lives in rocky terrain that has iron-rich soil, visible in the photo. The frog is quite small. …


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*Please note: This article was written and recorded in early September 2014. New findings into the Ebola outbreak have emerged. Please check your trusted news source for updates.*  When two American aid workers returned to the United States to be treated for Ebola, the news spread across the country, dominating headlines and creating some irrational fears. Alarms were raised at …

GNN Podcast: (Serbo-)Croatian: A Tale of Two Languages

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What language is spoken in Croatia? Croatian is now the 24th official language of the European Union, but there are disagreements about whether it’s a distinct language or just a slightly different dialect of Serbian. Serbian nationalists believe that everyone shares the same language, “Serbian”. But many Croats persist in making their national language as distinct from Serbian as possible. Listeners …

GNN Podcast: Great Barrier Reef in Trouble

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Today’s featured podcast dives into the threats facing the Great Barrier Reef of Queensland, Australia. Listeners will discover why massive sections of this vibrant ecosystem are dying and the efforts to preserve the reef for future generations. Visit Maps101 to read this article and click here to listen to our podcast collection.

Geo-Joint: A Brief History of the Panama Canal

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Back in the 19th century, if a ship laden with goods wanted to get from England or New York to San Francisco or Los Angeles, it had to go all the way around the tip of South America. Not only is that one heck of a long way, it’s frighteningly perilous at the far end – Cape Horn is justly famous for …

Silk Road 2.0

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Photo Credit:  Ingy The Wingy Everyone vaguely remembers learning about the Silk Road in grade school. Our teachers described an ancient world where merchants trekked from China to the Middle East, entirely on camels, to wide-eyed students. Did you know that the Silk Road is back in action in the 21st century? The only difference is that the camels have been …

All roads lead to Washington – The National Geographic Geography Bee is underway once more.

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In another fine example of the wonderful enthusiasm for Geography in US Schools, this week was lucky enough to be involved in the National Geographic Geography Bee event at Goleta Valley Junior High (or ‘GV’ as the cool kids say). Only a few miles from our HQ in Goleta, CA, the school has a talented and enthusiastic Social Studies …