Maps101 Interactive Polling Map

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Maps101 Election Center

Maps101 features great content for your classroom any time of year, and we continue to bring you new content including articles, map updates, history online maps, and more. With the presidential election a little over a week away, we provide you with a robust Election Center to support learning during this election cycle. Click on the Election Center button, shown above, to find links to interactive maps, articles and biographies of the major candidates, and infographics that explain the election process and more.  Maps101 requires a subscription. Email us at for more information.

Free Interactive Polling Map

In the meantime, for those of you accessing the Maps101 Blog, we have a special treat. You can access the polling map for free! This map is interactive. Click on a tab at the top to access the Democratic or Republican party, and then choose a state, such as Florida as shown, to access the latest polling numbers.


The maps are updated with the latest polling information. Keep track of your state, the overall course of the election, or look at who is currently on top in the swing states—those that are undecided and show no clear polling winner.  Follow this link: Maps101 Interactive Polling  Map and enjoy your free interactive map, courtesy of the team at Maps101!