Happy Fourth of July, America!

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Fireworks across the Potomac River in Washington, D.C.

A National Holiday

Independence Day in the United States is celebrated on July 4th. It is is a national holiday. Banks are closed for business. The U.S. Post Office does not deliver the  mail. Many people are off from work so they can honor American independence. This year, July 4th is on a Monday, making  for a long weekend for many. It is an especially busy travel day on America’s highways, as people travel to meet up with  their families to celebrate. Most communities set  off fireworks in the  evening  on the Fourth of July. There is an especially large fireworks display over Washington, D.C., America’s capital.

Image Source: Joe Ravi
Image License: Creative Commons 3.0


John Trumball’s painting shows a draft of the Declaration being submitted to Congress for approval. The original hands in the Capitol’s rotunda.

The Reason for Celebrations

The Declaration of Independence was signed on July 4, 1776, officially announcing the American colonists’ intention to form a separate country, leaving Great Britain. As a result, this day is celebrated as Independence Day for the United States. Read the full text of the Declaration here, from the national archives. Great Britain did not let the colonies leave without a fight. The Revolutionary War was the result, and the colonists won. But it was through the Declaration of Independence that America  was first founded.

Will you be able to attend a fireworks show in honor of this important day in America’s history? Or what will you and your family do this Independence Day?

Image Source: U.S. Capitol
Image License: public domain

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