Lesson Plan: Pumpkin Globes

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Happy Halloween! We’ve discovered the perfect geography lesson with a seasonal twist. It’s vital for children to understand the spherical shape of our earth; however, globes are prized possessions and are not frequently available for students to use for arts and crafts. With fall in full swing, there is an ample and affordable supply of pumpkins right at your fingertips. Students can learn and paint at the same time.

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The project uses paint, a pumpkin and two rubber bands. Painting the continents on the spherical shape will give your students a 3D perspective and will require them to learn and identify the continents. After the pumpkins are dry, the students will place a rubber band on the equator and the prime meridian, giving them a visual representation of these abstract concepts. When the pumpkin globes are complete, they can be displayed in the classroom or at home. Students can also refer back to their creations for continued learning.

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