175 Years of Texas Independence!

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Today we celebrate a special anniversary for the state of Texas!

On March 2nd, 175 years ago, Texas declared its independence from Mexico and became the Republic of Texas.

Texas Revolution - Click to enlarge

Settlers in the state were already mid-revolution when they produced a hand-written declaration of their separation and within 2 months they had fought their way to freedom at the battle of San Jacinto. The Republic itself lasted a further 9 years until the state legislature approved annexation to the United States in 1845, and was inducted in December of that year.

One of the most famous battles on the way to independence took place a few days later at the Alamo, at San Antonio. Here, around 200 revolutionary’s were besieged by over 1000 Mexican troops under General Santa Anna.

The rebel leader, Lieutenant Colonel Travis, wrote frantically requesting reinforcements. His requests were met, but the additional manpower did not arrive in time and the revolutionaries were all killed. The Alamo is seen as a symbol of resilience and spirit, because despite being grossly outnumbered (Mexican reinforcements did arrive) Travis and his men held out for 13 days and inflicted huge casualties on their enemy before they succumbed.

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