Cameras capture rare wildlife footage in Borneo.

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Conservationists working in the jungles of Borneo have captured video footage of a number of rare creatures, including a hairy nosed otter (Luma Sumatrana).

Hairy Nosed Otter

As its description suggests, the otter has a hairy nose, with a white chin and flat tail, and weigh up to 13lbs. They feed mainly on fish but their lives have been threatened by hunting, for their fur and meat, and more recently because of the continued destruction of their wetland habitats.

Remote cameras were placed in the area by a team of scientists including members of the Sabah Wildlife Department and the German ‘Liebniz institute for Zoological and Wildlife Research, and although the recordings were made in 2008 it has taken almost 2 years to review the footage and confirm the identities of hundreds of rare species.

Map of Borneo


Other creatures identified include Otter civets – long bodied cat-like mammals – the Sunda Stink-badger (believed to be a relative of the Skunk), several species of Mongoose and the Sundaland Clouded Leopard – rarely seen due to its isolated lifestyle.

The sightings are a boost to conservationists who are desperately trying to raise awareness of the threat to some of the planets rarest animals due to logging, palm oil and rubber farming. Borneo is also the home to several endangered species including the Orangutan, Sumatran Rhino and Pygmy Elephant.

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