Cheese be coming round the mountain.

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Big Cheese

A 200 year old tradition of Cheese Rolling continued this year despite Police concerns that the event was becoming too crowded and too noisy.

Competitors chase after a cheese weighing approximately 8lbs which is rolled down a steep (almost vertical) hill. The event takes place in Gloucester (pronounced Glosstur), a county in the south west of England famed for its ‘Double Gloucester’ red cheese.

After the 2009 race attracted a crowd of almost 15000, local authorities felt it was unsafe to continue the event due to the remote location of the venue, Coopers Hill. However a number of competitors and spectators did turn out to see Chris Anderson, a six-time winner, take the prize (the cheese).

The origins of the event are not absolutely clear, but there are some suggestions that it may have evolved from ancient traditions or as part of a larger festival. Supporters have worked hard to maintain the event, in the face of adversities. For example during World War II, a wooden cheese was made due to the strict rationing of food that was in force at the time.

The event can result in lots of injuries, and this video from Sky News gives you an idea as to why.

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