Bald Eagle Big Brother on Santa Cruz Island

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A nesting family of Bald Eagles are the stars of the show via a live webcam from the Channel Islands.

Just off the coast of Santa Barbara, California, the Channel Islands are a protected haven for thousands of species of wildlife under the watchful eye of the National Park Service.

2006 saw the first unaided hatch of a Bald Eagle chick in more than 50 years, and a system of solar powered webcams was immediately set up so that activities could be observed from anywhere in the world. After a serious decline this iconic bird was under serious threat, but thanks to the efforts of a variety of agencies the future now looks brighter.

The latest chicks are currently feeding and preparing for their inaugural flights. Viewers can watch live footage of the birds by accessing the webcam at the Channel Islands National Park site. They also provide some stunning recorded footage of recent activity, including the mother feeding her chicks here.


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  2. I really enjoyed your article and the link to the mother feeding her chicks. The bald eagle is truly a magnificent bird.

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