April 22nd is Earthday

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According to this story from NPR, despite the close of the Space Shuttle program, NASA will receive considerable funding to turn its attentions back to earth.

Specifically NASA will see its Earth Science efforts become the focal point of a $2.4 billion investment as the US Government looks to discover more facts about how our planet is shaping up. The GRACE twin satellites, for example, have been monitoring factors such as ground water and polar ice changes since 2002, and will be replaced with this new funding.

This National Geographic video give some idea of the sort of work NASA is expected to continue.

On this 40th Anniversary of Earthday, ┬áteachers and students (Grade 6 and above) may be interested to know that Dr Neal Lineback, a Geography Professor and originator of books and papers on Global Warming, will be discussing several environmental stories in and around the US. From the destruction of the Everglades through Sugar Farming to the “Pacific Garbage Patch” Dr Lineback will be reminding us that conservation is also a local issue.

Join us at 10am PST on April 22nd by registering HERE.

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