St. Patricks Day around the globe.

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It seems like everybody discovers that they are 1/100th twice removed Irish on the 17th March each year. Hats, beads, vests, all in green, huge parades in all of the major cities.

Chicago's Green River

This superb video from National Geographic explains concisely and clearly the origins – of the Saint, and the celebrations in his honor. Find out how he became Ireland’s patron saint, and why the man is toasted in cities as far apart as Manchester and Moscow.

For Maps101 subscribers you can delve deeper into the histories of Ireland, learning about the potato famine and the migration of the Irish across the world. Discover the Giant’s Causeway and famous Irish monuments, and learn all about the Emerald Isle using Maps101’s Geography Skill builders.

Tell us how you are celebrating St Patrick’s day in YOUR classroom, using the comments section below.

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