Maps101 features Black History Month

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It is the birth month of Abraham Lincoln — champion of emancipation of slaves, and abolitionist Frederick Douglass. February is the month that we pay special attention to significant events in Black History.Black History Month

Maps101 includes a wealth of resources covering African-American History, from the slave trade to the civil rights movement and beyond.

  • View significant places and events on an interactive map, each with a brief summary and links to more information.
  • Access more than 70 maps and articles relevant to Black History, from outline maps to news articles.
  • See short videos from National Geographic with engaging imagery to convey key concepts.
  • Select skill builders and ready-made lesson plans using materials available within Maps101.

To see superb Black History Month content simply login to your account and click the Black History Month icon, or type “Black History” in the search box.

View this short slideshow for more information.


See our Black History Month map here.

Black History Month Locations of Significance

Black History Month Locations of Significance

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